Soundzyoga was officially launched in 2017 as an fully operational Health & Wellness company. Ashit, Mehar, and a small team decided to make Mindfullness techniques available online so more people across countries could experience the benefits of meditation & asana’s anytime, anywhere. 

Human emotions are reflections of one’s feelings while they are exposed to different situations in everyday life. Over time an individual’s emotional, physical and mental conditioning withers out due to constant wear and tear from regular bouts of anxiety, stress and restlessness.

While we try hard to maintain a balance in our thoughts and actions, in the process we often supress our true emotions to neutralise situations. These pent up emotions sometimes work adversely within ourselves and we end up being an emotional wreck thus becoming victims of insecurity, jealousy and hopelessness.

As business houses, we can make a choice- either to ignore these emotional turmoils within the employees or feel empowered to harness their emotions through available resources that has been tested to work with people across the globe. Soundzyoga empowers you to re-invent and redesign your corporate wellness programs by offering a huge selection of carefully crafted Mindfulness programs. You have ample choices from Sound therapy, Mind cultivation, Meditation and Yoga to build a comprehensive fitness regime that aligns with your goal to help your employees attain a healthy mind, body and soul thus turning into more productive & positive thinking workforce.

Soundzyoga core vission | mission: to improve the health and bring happiness to individuals. And with millions of users in more than 200 countries, we’re well on our way. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, we are growing and you will be hearing more from us.

SoundzYoga is not just about meditation, it is about complete life-reformation.

Walk with us to explore, learn, contemplate, heal and grow.

We bring to you a blend of perfect health & happiness through blissful union of mind, body and soul. Swim across the ocean of chaos to peace with programmes exclusively tailored to match different learning curves.

Learn to grow as person, expand your horizon, improve concentration, become efficient and calm your mind through self-introspection, meditation and realization. Acquire skills to effectively tackle and overcome stress, anger, fear, anger and anxiety.

Explore different sections designed to best suit your mood, will, skill and time, providing you freedom to choose your calm through mindfulness sounds, guided meditations, mantras, calming frequencies, self help programs, inspiring short stories and much more.

There are also in-depth spiritually inclined programmes for those seeking to understand the deeper  meaning and purpose of life.

Our sections are backed by twenty years of soul searching and research of various ancient scriptures and cultures coupled with modern technology to to deliver to you the most effective self-help methodologies.

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