A Mindful Relationship


If there were a magic pill that could fix everything, we’d just pop it and get determined to be in shape, or live longer, infuse creativity, or even auto-improve and sustain a relationship.

It won’t be surprise then, if such a pill costs a fortune.

Nevertheless, it already exists, and its FREE!!

That pill, is “Mindfulness”.

On an average, we think about 42 thoughts per minute, out of which about 80%, that’s 34.6 number thoughts, are negative, as quoted by the National Science Foundation (US), in 1995. To top it all, 39.9 of them are just the same as the day before.

Is there even a hope?

Yes, because, it still leaves us with 7.4 positive thoughts, with two new ones each day; provided we do not burn it down further to protect our ego, that we often confuse with self-respect. There is a fine line between the two, and that is what we need to analyse, investigate, define and implement in a relationship for it to be successful.

It’s a confusing start unless you first become totally honest with yourself. You might think that you already are, but most us are pretending to be that we are not. I agree that we need to find our way around things to survive in this world, but it needn’t come at the cost of the person you essentially were, or always wanted to be.

Try to analyse your emotions first without judgment, ideologies and current belief systems that you might be clinging to. This is even more so important when in a relationship. Observe your thoughts, reactions and actions as a third person. Identify the cause, and then the root cause of your actions, from a neutral perspective, like a scientist, and you will easily be able to understand the other person as well.

This is not easy, but with meditation is becomes quite helpful. Meditation allows you to control the flow of thoughts and settle them down as well. Naturally, when you this leaves your mind much sharper and it can process things faster, which means more intelligence, wisdom, calmness, task completions and a happier long lasting relationship.

While almost 50% of marriages in US alone end up in Divorce, a calm and honest, mind can certainly act as a saviour.

The best way to catch up in this fast-paced world and make everything perfect is to pause it with the magical remote, catch up and play it again. Do this every day for few moments with meditation and see the change. This will help you to develop focus, your decision making, poise, self-assurance, maturity and happiness. You will also be able to say no to peers or friends when you want to, without agonising yourself. You can get rid of several unnecessary burdens that you carry as a part of your personality, leaving you more time for love, life and joy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Bringing the benefits of mindfulness practice to relationship

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