Participants attend the morning meditation session at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF).

“Beyond prosperity and justice, for many delegates the World Economic Forum’s stated mission of “improving the state of the world” starts with health — and increasingly mental health, the subject of several panel discussions at Davos.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought two yoga gurus in his delegation to Davos. Addressing the forum on Tuesday, Modi advised delegates that yoga and Ayurvedic medicine can “give us physical, mental and spiritual health and balance”.

Meditation and “mindfulness” training have taken off in the corporate world in recent years.

According to data presented at the WEF, 320 million people suffer from depression worldwide. In Britain, the Mindfulness Initiative, a policy institute, says mental health problems account for 70 million sick days a year “. – excerpts from ET Jan 25, 2018.

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From the above post we realise that Mindfulness has gradually started seeping into the priority list of World leaders since mental health has been established as a threat to an individual’s well-being that eventually scales up to impact society negatively.

Today workplaces are spending their budgets to inculcate the practise of a healthy mind to improve productivity of the workers who are unmotivated, disengaged and unproductive due to competition & peer pressure.

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