We all wonder why some people always seem happy. I have realized long back that happiness has no correlation to money- I have seen the power of a poor guy’s smile that can undermine the dazzle of a light bulb. There are statistics claiming some countries to be happier than others so the question is what drives happiness when we know that human beings have been built in a similar pattern? I mean a Norwegian will have the same brain, same number of bones and muscles that I have, he would need the same muscles to break into a smile and am sure his life would not have been a smooth ride without a hiccup.

 So being happy is definitely an individual’s choice and attempt to make the best out of every moment of his /her life.


Relationships have always been taken for granted. Human psychology tend to be clannish and live life expecting their near ones to collaborate and support.

Expectations are signs of the weak. Remember that that more we expect things from others, the more we get dependent …emotionally and psychologically.

  Be responsible-The gratification of achievement is much greater when we own our responsibilities and manage it ourselves. We emerge stronger and confident.

Survival mechanism of people, makes them appear as others perceive them to be- modest ones, angry ones, shrewd, sly, jerks, compassionate, opportunist. A colleague or a friend can perceive you to be a sly fox…it can happen if certain actions of yours intentionally or unknowingly has made him/her arrive to such conclusions.

Most of us put up a wall to protect ourselves …in the very process we become mirror images. If I face an angry person, after a point I replicate his actions too. Thus we get into a gridlock of emotions…. mirror images of being angry, jealous, insecure, revengeful.   But what if we have the ability to take a step back to perceive the end result of an interaction and realize that a little compassion might go a long way thus changing the course of the emotion and having meaningful dialogue… I assure you that when everything sinks in after the episode you had, it’s always a better feeling if the encounter ends up in a positive note with no one bruising other’s emotions.

 Be Compassionate- Take a step back, hold your thoughts and revisit as to how you want this to end. It’s better to rejoice than to regret for past actions later.

I am no-one to suggest you how to live your life, what to eat and how to behave to stay happy. I have come across Wellness speakers forcing a diet plan on people- that helped him get fitter. I can’t be so blinded- Let’s acknowledge that every individual has a different body structure, have been brought up in different geographies, grown up valuing their own habits. A diet chart that works for me may not work for an American or European unless your doctor has recommended a dietician to address your ailments.  No one can understand your body better than you. All you need is to be aware of yourself. Open up your mind to hear more from your inner self. Be the magician in your own life.


 Use the power of your mind to realize and acknowledge your own self.


  To forgive and forget the rough patches is not easy.  But what if I ask you to adopt a way to harness those emotions of hatred and hurtfulness…a way which doesn’t damage you in the process but helps you transit to a meaningful and productive phase of life.

Discover life transition mechanism for self- healing.

There are many ways to ward away with pent up feelings that doesn’t damage you or others…We are here to help you be aware of those and choose for yourself.

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The Happiness Index is not an algorithm to keep everyone around you happy. The secret sauce is that you be happy and compassionate and the rest will fall in place.





Sumana Majumder